Based on a Traders association with a cooperative principal.

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The Goal  of Store share  would be to open a shop in our town, to enable local small business to share the shop space to sell there products services to the local public.

By sharing shop space, overheads can be kept to a minimal, whilst having a high street presence from which to sell, promote from also having a collection point for online sales.                                     To keep postal charges to a minimal even for online businesses this can have a positive effect on a business overall profits margin. 

Also the intention of Store share is to provide a Online catalogue for traders, to promote your products and services.

In the future when funds are available we intend to open a real store to promote traders in store. 

 We currently have a few support websites to Assist in your Local Sales.

Rochdale Direct - Directory/ Facebook crafts sales./ Facebook. 

Business Northwest - Business / Facebook

Free to list your goods Business services. 


Enables you to have a web page for your business. With links to your Facebook, Twitter accounts, so potential customers can visit your store page.  

Craftsbook is a Online Store with a Crafts Directory, Where you can list your Crafts business with links to your website social media pages.